Brutally Honest

by Seymour

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released April 24, 2015



all rights reserved


Seymour Manchester, UK

Rapper/Spoken Word Poet from Manchester. Founder, Host and Manager of Golden Egg, Grass Roots Hip Hop night.

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Track Name: Seymour - Hello Mr David Cameron (spoken word)
Mr Cameron, you're despicable man! You're nurturing the next generation, of the disenchanted, mechanic, systematic segregated and jaded, jobless, angry and faceless. With no regard for equal rights apart from their wages polarised. I hope the gulit burns away at your conscience and Tory lies. Sell the NHS the poor suffer..comodify the public sector, tax the hard working majority, sitting on your pedestal, please. You've never known economic deprivation. Affluence and intolerance ingrained into your stigmatised mind, Eton educated, solidified stereotypes of the underclass united...can you sense the uprising?? Stood on high, staring at the marching protesters, blue tided, clutching crucifix, cross eyed, asking your portrait of Thatcher WHY?! You're up shit creek without a for sale sign. Obese children clogging the school system you privatized..destined to live as elitist, until the have heart attacks, whilst you rake in the cash, and they have to pay for their own ambulance?